Soundcraft VI 600 Digitalmischpult (inkl. Stage- und Localrack, 2 x Glasfaser-Leitung)

Art.Nr.: 1007561.00

soundcraft-vi-600-digitalmischpult-inkl-stage-und-localrack-2-x-glasfaser-leitung-Max number of simultaneous mixing channels: 96 mono inputs into 35 Outputs. Pairs of mono inputs can be linked to create stereo channels; Insert points: 24 insert send/return pairs can be configured (using available I/O) and assigned to any of the 96 inputs or 35 output channels; Direct Outputs: All 96 input channels can have direct outputs in addition to their internal bus routing, assuming sufficient I/O is available (eg optical MADI card); Busses: 32 Grp/Aux/Matrix, plus main LCR Mix and LR Solo busses (maximum of 16 matrix outputs can be configured)